I know I've only been here for a short time (2 weeks maybe) and I know some of you don't trust me cuz you still dont know, and When I editted The page Courtney Gwen Dawn to add a few information that was missing "Arslan12" accused me of messing up the templates. (the template was the same as I saw it, except for Courtney's which I improved cause I really like her, haha, but I didn't messed up anything)

I really like Total Drama and Dawn, Courtney, Gwen are my top 3 favorite characters, I've devoted most of my time for Total Drama (which inspired me in so many ways) and I would never do anything to ruin or mess up Total Drama on purpose.

I know maybe some of you would probably believe me like AwesomeTD/Amazing Hijotee, TrueCobalion, ReMiEg007, Glenn31 & etc.

here are also proof that other pages already had a messed up template that I never editted before


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