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    Hi guys, I know I don't know much about you but I need your help, I still ned 14 more peoples for my survey entitled "The Effects of Video Games"

    Hello, Im a 3rd year high school and I have to do a report on the topic "The Effects of Video Games" and I need at least to interview 25 different people, and I was wondering if you could help me... Its okay if you don't want to do it, but if you want to help me just comment down your answers... Thank you in advance





    1.What is the most recent video game you've played? ex. dragon city, candy crush, tetris, and etc...

    2.What are the types of video games you enjoy playing? ex. Action, Violent, Adventure, Strategy and etc...

    3. How long do you normally play these games? ex. 30 mins…

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    1st I was so freaking excited about TDAS finale, and I thought nothing was gonna keep my mind off it, I was wrong, this weekend we went to watch a new movie called "Frozen" I freaking loved it! (The movie is new here in Philippines) I suddenly became a fan of it and put it in my top favorite movies & shows, Total Drama is still my #1 favorite off coarse... And when I did my research on Frozen it turns out it is currently the best movie ever created Walt Disney since The Lion King! ... what do you think about this movie? I want your honest opinion, even if you hated it :D

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    TDAS episode 11 opinion

    November 23, 2013 by X ads x

    BE HONEST, what did you think of TDAS episode 11? 

    me I was disappointed that it was too predictable that Courtney got eliminated (If you've seen the sneak peek, it was so obvious she was going next)

    I was also a little mad that they made Courtney's attitude more mean & like a villian than usual, but this is just my opinion & I wanna hear yours. Tnx for reading :)

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    Happy B-day Amazing Hijotee

    November 16, 2013 by X ads x

    Happy Birthday my friend!!! hope you enjoy your day and may you have a great birthday!! Thanks for always hosting RPs :) - Amazing Hijotee

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    Just to be clear Arslan12

    November 10, 2013 by X ads x

    I know I've only been here for a short time (2 weeks maybe) and I know some of you don't trust me cuz you still dont know, and When I editted The page Courtney Gwen Dawn to add a few information that was missing "Arslan12" accused me of messing up the templates. (the template was the same as I saw it, except for Courtney's which I improved cause I really like her, haha, but I didn't messed up anything)

    I really like Total Drama and Dawn, Courtney, Gwen are my top 3 favorite characters, I've devoted most of my time for Total Drama (which inspired me in so many ways) and I would never do anything to ruin or mess up Total Drama on purpose.

    I know maybe some of you would probably believe me like AwesomeTD/Amazing Hijotee, TrueCobalion, ReMiEg00…

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