• The Villainous Vulture

    Chapter 1

    November 26, 2013 by The Villainous Vulture

    Just some backround info, I'm writing two sides of this story, and since I LOVE villains, I'm writing Alex's side first! If you wanna see more, just comment and let me know

    Chapter 1: An Average Morning “Ah, that was a good sleep.” Alex woke up on his usual Monday morning. Alex surprisingly liked Mondays, unlike most workers, probably due to the fact he loved his line of work. “How are you doin’ Matt?” Alex asked as he walked into the kitchen. “I had the worst dream, Alex; I dreamed I lost my AXE! Can you imagine?” Alex gave Matt a genuinely concerned look. “That’s awful Matt!” Alex and Matt had known each other for about 2 years, but were already closer than brothers. “Yea, that would be just awful, Matt.” Alex and Matt hadn’t heard Nick com…

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