Josh: Hey guys and welcome back to Celebrity Manhunt! Tonight we have a contestant coming here to tell us what she did after Total Drama World Tour!

Blaineley:That's right, Josh! Dawn, the medatating,creeepy girl won! 

Josh: Here she is, Dawn!

Dawn walks out on set and sits down


Blaineley: Hi,Dawn! Okay how was-- *Josh covers her mouth*

Josh:How are you?


Josh:Excellent! Let's start with some questions shall we?

Dawn: Sure! I guess.....

Blaineley: How's that nerdy boyfriend of yours!

Dawn: He's not nerdy!!

Josh:When are you going to the Bahamas? And who did you take?

Dawn: Soon. I'm gonna take Cody,obviously, Mike, Izzy, and Dakota!

Blaineley: Why Dakota?

Dawn: She was nice to me. Why do you ask?

Blaineley: We have an unseen confessional!

TV opens and starts rolling tape

Dakota: I can't beleive that loser, Dawn, is falling for my plan. She looks smart....but she can't realize my evil plan!

Goes back to interview

  • Dawn starts getting angry*

Josh: I know....... who else is there to take?

Dawn: Dakota is dead!!

  • Izzy appears* Izzy: Haha! Boom-!*explodes set*

Blaineley: We will see you next time! When the set is fixed!!

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You can make interviews with your characters too!