Hello there and welcome to the jungle! In here we will all compete against each other for a chance to win $100,000 and a free trip to the San Diego zoo. All you have to do is answer several animal-based questions, and make sure that you are not eliminated!


  • You must play two characters, and no one else
  • The first person to answer the question RIGHT will win a point
  • The last person to answer the question, whether he is right or wrong, will be eliminated
    • However, if that person is the ONLY one who is right, then he will win a point and will decide who is to be eliminated in his place.
  • As soon as everyone but one person is eliminated, then the last one standing wins it all!
    • However, the first person to win 5 points also wins, so whichever comes first

Episode 1Edit

Question Answer Eliminated Rank Winner Points
1 Tiger N/A N/A Mal 1
2 Zebra Mal 8th Scott 1
3 Elephant Bianca 7th Scott 2
4 Snake N/A N/A Brianna 1
5 Dragon N/A N/A Owen 1
6 Lion N/A N/A Brianna 2
7 Rhinoceros Owen 6th Scott 3
8 Flamingo N/A N/A Alejandro 1
9 Black Bear N/A N/A Brianna 3
10 Giraffe Scott 5th Brianna 4
11 Termite N/A N/A Alejandro 2
12 Cheetah Brianna 4th Alejandro 3
13 Dinosaur N/A N/A Zoey 1
14 Ant N/A N/A Alejandro 4
15 Hummingbird N/A N/A Alejandro Winner

Episode 2Edit

Question Answer Eliminated Rank Winner Points
1 Giraffe N/A N/A Trent 1
2 Elephant N/A N/A Mike 1
3 Flamingo Skye 6th Mike 2
4 Cheetah N/A N/A Mike 3
5 Dog Cameron 5th Duncan 1
6 Wolf Trent 4th Mike 4
7 Dolphin Mike 3rd Duncan 2
8 Whale N/A N/A Ezekiel 1
9 Fly Ezekiel 2nd Duncan Winner

Episode 3Edit

Question Answer Eliminated Rank Winner Points
1 Giraffe Mike 12th Skye 1
2 Cheetah Cody 11th Antonio 1
3 Elephant Evil Cody 10th Antonio 2
4 Dinosaur Lindsay 9th Izzy 1
5 Skark Skye 8th Vin 1
6 Rhinoceros Vin 7th Jared 1
7 Bald Eagle Jared 6th Dawn 1
8 Dog Antonio 5th Dawn 2
9 Butterfly N/A N/A Izzy 2
10 Cat N/A N/A Dawn 3
11 Lion Blaineley 4th Corey 1
12 Zebra Corey 3rd Dawn 4
13 Monkey N/A N/A Dawn Winner

Episode 4Edit

Question Answer Eliminated Rank Winner Points
1 Giraffe Mal 10th Cody 1
2 Tiger Steve the Llama 9th Zoey 1
3 Hippopotamus Samey 8th Dave 1
4 Zebra Leonard 8th Dave 2
5 Cheetah Owen 7th Zoey 2
6 Dog Money Bags 6th Mike 1
7 Dragon Zoey 5th Dave 3
8 Dinosaur Dave 4th Cody 2
9 Blue Whale N/A N/A Cody 3
10 Mouse N/A N/A Cody 4
11 Monkey N/A N/A Cody Winner

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