Total Drama: Hurt and Heal 3
Didn't win? Don't worry, you will have another chance!

Hello players! Welcome to the sequel of the popular game, Total Drama: Hurt & Heal. Congratulations to Dawn for winning the original game! She will now be joining the cast of winners for Total Drama: The Ultimate Showdown! However, many new characters have joined the Total Drama line-up since the last game was created. So a total of 14 new characters from Total Drama: Pahkitew Island will be joining us this time around! Since we can't give any more slots for the final season to this game's winner, then we will instead be doing a giveaway! That's right, the characters don't win this time, but you the players do!


  1. Gwen : Gwen (winner)
  2. Jo : Jo (runner-up)
  3. Ella : Ella (3rd place)

Congratulations to Superdawnfan for winning the game and having all characters in the finale!

About the GameEdit

Here is how this works! All you have to do is select 3 characters from the line-up of Hurt & Heal contestants and sign-up as them so they can be guaranteed as yours. You can't however choose the final 3 contestants from the original game, Cody, Dawn and Trent. As soon as you sign-up as them, those characters will then be played, so try to heal them frequently to keep their point count up. However, if one of your characters loses all of their points, then they are out! If all of your 3 characters are out, then you are out too! So watch out, in order to win, all you have to do is make sure one of your characters makes it to the Final 3 so you can make the drawing round.

Game RulesEdit

  • One vote per hour to prevent cheating.
    • If your last comment doesn't say at least (1 hour ago) then you can't vote again.
    • However, you may vote again if the last two votes are by two different players regardless of time.
    • Limit 12 votes per day (15 votes if all of your characters are immune).
  • Please write "Hurt (character) - Heal (character)" for your vote to count.
    • Do not edit your comments after they are posted, they will not count if you do.
  • All characters will start off at 9 points, making them neutral.
    • A character that has less than 9 points will be allowed to be hurted twice if desirable.
    • A character that has more than 18 points will also be allowed to be healed twice.
  • As soon as a character reaches 18 points, it will take three hurts for them to lose a point.
    • The limit on how many points a character can reach is 100 points.
    • However, if every character reaches or surpasses 18 points, then all points will be reset to 9.


Sign-ups are closed; game has ended!

Please choose any three characters that have competed between Seasons 1 through 6 and then sign your name at the end in order to enter the giveaway. Do not choose characters that have been taken. Sign-ups will close as soon as the Final 20 is reached.

At the end of the game, the top three characters will enter the final drawing round. If one of your chosen characters is in the Final 3, then you will be given a chance to win the grand prize of a brand new iPhone 7.


Color Description
9+ This character has more than the starting 9 points and is winning
9- This character only has less than the starting 9 points and is losing
9 This character is safe and is neutral
OUT This character has been eliminated
18+ This character is immune and will take 3 hurts to lose a point
Winner This character has won the game
Runner-up This character is the runner-up
3rd This character has received third place

Main TablesEdit

Character Score Rank Player
Alejandro OUT 41st Vacant
Amy OUT 36th Vacant
Anne Maria OUT 29th Gogogadget831
B OUT 23rd Vacant
Beardo OUT 26th Vacant
Beth OUT 17th TDfan567
Blaineley OUT 13th Shovel Night
Brick OUT 10th Coolpika1
Bridgette OUT 22nd Vacant
Cameron OUT 56th Vacant
Chef OUT 7th UltimateNuke
Chris OUT 31st Vacant
Cody OUT 38th Unavailable
Courtney OUT 44th TDfan567
Dakota OUT 42nd Shovel Night
Dave OUT 14th Shovel Night
Dawn OUT 39th Unavailable
DJ OUT 25th Vacant
Don OUT 21st Unavailable
Duncan OUT 8th Ryantprewitt
Ella Final 3 (8 pts.) 3rd Superdawnfan
Eva OUT 37th Gogogadget831
Evil Cody OUT 6th UltimateNuke
Ezekiel OUT 40th Vacant
Geoff OUT 30th Vacant
Gwen Final 3 (9 pts.) 1st Superdawnfan
Harold OUT 46th TDfan567
Heather OUT 47th TDfan567
Izzy OUT 55th Vacant
Jo Final 3 (9 pts.) 2nd Superdawnfan
Jasmine OUT 24th Vacant
Justin OUT 54th Vacant
Katie OUT 49th Prince2005
Leonard OUT 19th TDfan567
Leshawna OUT 11th Coolpika1
Lightning OUT 28th Vacant
Lindsay OUT 5th Ryantprewitt
Mal OUT 48th Prince2005
Max OUT 43rd Shovel Night
Mike OUT 50th Prince2005
Noah OUT 12th Coolpika1
Owen OUT 9th Ryantprewitt
Rodney OUT 27th Vacant
Sadie OUT 33rd Vacant
Sam OUT 52nd Vacant
Samey OUT 15th Shovel Night
Scarlett OUT 4th UltimateNuke
Scott OUT 51st Vacant
Sierra OUT 16th Gogogadget831
Shawn OUT 45th Shovel Night
Sky OUT 35th Vacant
Staci OUT 34th Vacant
Sugar OUT 53rd Vacant
Topher OUT 32nd Vacant
Trent OUT 20th Unavailable
Tyler OUT 18th TDfan567
Zoey OUT 57th Vacant

Drawing RoundEdit

The Final 3 has been decided and they are Ella, Gwen and Jo! Therefore the drawing round is now live! Please take a look at the poll before and vote as soon as you can. Polls will be ran for a limited time and at the end of the drawing round, the character that reaches 10 votes will win, and that character's player will win the grand prize! Anyone may vote and you may vote more than once, if possible. If two or all characters reaches 10 votes, then a final tiebreaker round will be ran in Chat in order to declare the winner. However, if the only characters to reach 10 points are for the same player, that player will be the winner. Other that that, let's get voting!

Who do you want to be the winner of Total Drama: Hurt and Heal 2?

The poll was created at 07:51 on February 25, 2017, and so far 11 people voted.

Update: Polls are closed due to no clear winner. Winner was determined on the number of points left for each character.

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