This is the ninth episode of Total Drama Reloaded, the seventh season of the series. In this episode, the new teams compete in a giant pizza challenge, where the contestants are the toppings. :P

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Episode ScriptEdit

  • This is the raw chat script as recorded from the main roleplay. All lines can be re-posted on Chat to see the pictures again.

2:55 Amazing Hijotee


Welcome to the Hijotee Wiki chat 2:55 Amazing Hijotee

  • Chris: ""
  • Chris: "Last time"
  • Chris: "on Total Drama Reloaded"
  • Chris: "We introduced our new cast"
  • Chris: "To an epic, BUG FIGHT challenge!"
  • Chris: "In there we all sucked Chef"
  • Chris: "I mean Chef's kitchen :P"
  • Chris: "After that we all ejected our bugs onto Heather :P"
  • Chris: "For the most EPIC prank EVER! :D"
  • Chris: "So yeah"
  • Chris: "Guess what we are doing today?"
  • Chris: "With our Final 16"
  • Chris: "Well find out RIGHT NOW"
  • Chris: "On Total"
  • Chris: "Drama"
  • Chris: "Roleplay before TDAS!"


Music I don't wanna be famous, I just want the money Music

OKAY TALK 2:58 TrueCobalion

(Skye) : *conf* Best. Prank. EVER!!! (:D)
(Trent) : *Conf* I'm sorry heather D:

2:58 BoysCanLikeItToo um, tdas is over? 2:58 The Villainous Vulture

(Antonio) : *Conf* What is wrong with me>!

2:58 BoysCanLikeItToo oh, our tdas, im dumb 2:58 Amazing Hijotee I know Boys I keep forgetting :P 2:58 BoysCanLikeItToo roofl 2:58 Amazing Hijotee I still think that Tuesdays is TDAS day :P 2:58 BoysCanLikeItToo derp 2:58 The Villainous Vulture

(Antonio) : Brianna? I request your assistance

2:58 BoysCanLikeItToo that shitty season is gone, thank jeesus 2:58 Amazing Hijotee

(cody) I hate Heather!
(felix) Yeah, me too

2:59 BoysCanLikeItToo

(brianna) : I will never speak to you again after what you did last time.

2:59 Glenn31

(Mal) : *conf* Scott's scared of Antonio, should I keep him around for my pleasure? Or maybe flush him for my safety

2:59 Amazing Hijotee

(vin) Eh... Heather was kinda cute actually :P

2:59 Glenn31

(Glenn) : I thought you were gay

2:59 TrueCobalion

(Skye) : Not funny Ant.

2:59 Amazing Hijotee

(vin) not as cute as Glenn though :/

2:59 The Villainous Vulture

(Antonio) : Please, just listen to me

2:59 Glenn31

(Glenn) : *punches Vin* SHUT. UP!

2:59 Amazing Hijotee

(vin) I love you

2:59 Glenn31

(Mal) : *grabs Vin*

2:59 Amazing Hijotee

  • Chris: "Okay lover boys!"

2:59 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : Vin and Glenn are gay?

3:00 Glenn31

(Glenn) : NO!

3:00 Amazing Hijotee

  • Chris: "Ready for the challenge?"

3:00 TrueCobalion

(Skye) : The moral to the season

3:00 The Villainous Vulture

(Antonio) : I don't know what's going on with me, you see emotions correct? Can you tell me what's going on?

3:00 Amazing Hijotee

(vin) I'm sooo gay
  • Chris: "ENOUGH"

3:00 BoysCanLikeItToo

(brianna) : I see evil. Nothing but evil.

3:00 Amazing Hijotee

  • Chris: ""
  • Chris: "Okay guys"
  • Chris: "Today we will make Pepperoni-pizza"
  • Chris: "A BIG Pepperoni-pizza"
  • Chris: "With cheese and crust"
  • Chris: "Sadly, Chef does not have enough cheese"
  • Chris: "So instead we will use snow"

3:03 Lettucecow back 3:03 Amazing Hijotee

  • Chris: "and for the crust we will use MUD"

Sorry about that My mom was bugging me

  • Chris: "Also"
  • Chris: "For the toppings"
  • Chris: "We will use YOU GUYS"
  • Chris: "LOL"
  • Chris: "So the first team to make a 5 metre diameter Pepperoni-pizza with mud, and snow wins"
  • Chris: "As soon as each of the 8 team members are done"
  • Chris: "They will then each lie down on a slice of Pepperoni-pizza"
  • Chris: "As soon as I see a completed Pepperoni-pizza with 8 "toppings" then the team wins!"
  • Chris: "So yeah"
  • Chris: "Ready?"

TALK 3:05 Lettucecow hey amazing 3:05 The Villainous Vulture

(Antonio) : Shall we begin?

3:06 TrueCobalion

(Skye) : I am ready

3:06 Amazing Hijotee

  • Chris: "Go ahead"

3:06 The Villainous Vulture

(Antonio) : *Begins making Pepperoni-pizza*

3:06 Lettucecow can you PLEASE stop making vin gay? :? 3:06 Amazing Hijotee

  • Chris: "Start with the crust"

3:06 Lettucecow

  •  :/

3:06 The Villainous Vulture

(Antonio) : *Rolling mud*

3:06 Lettucecow

(felix) Interesting

3:06 Glenn31

(Mal) : *rolling mud*

3:06 TrueCobalion

(Skye) : *pllacing mud*
(Trent) : *makes mud and puts it in*

3:07 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : *Rolling and shutters when he looks at Antonio*'

3:07 Lettucecow

(felix) *rolling mud*

3:07 TrueCobalion

(Skye) : *rolling mud*
(Trent) : *starts with the snow*

3:07 Amazing Hijotee

  • Chris: "Okay make a GIANT 5 meter circle of mud first"

3:07 Lettucecow

(vin) *helps with the mud*

3:08 Amazing Hijotee

  • Chris: "After that, put the snow on the top layer"

3:08 TrueCobalion

(Skye) : Trent we need mud first
(Trent) : Oh *rolling mud*

3:08 Lettucecow

(cody) *rolling mud*

3:08 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : *Rolling*

3:08 BoysCanLikeItToo back my mom is pissing me off .-. 3:08 Amazing Hijotee You playing? 3:08 The Villainous Vulture

(Antonio) : *Forming the circle*

3:08 TrueCobalion

(Skye) : *rolling mud*

3:08 BoysCanLikeItToo

(brianna) : *rolling mud*

yeah 3:09 Amazing Hijotee We are making Pepperoni-pizza 3:09 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : *rolling mud*

3:09 BoysCanLikeItToo

(bianca) : *rolling mud* 

3:09 Amazing Hijotee

  • Chris: "Okay are you done with the mud?"

3:09 Glenn31

(Mal) : I think?

3:09 Lettucecow

(felix) *rolling mud* Phew, this is, tiring

3:09 Amazing Hijotee

  • Chris: "Okay then, START WITH THE SNOW"

3:09 The Villainous Vulture

(Antonio) : *Placing snow*

3:09 TrueCobalion

(Skye) : *starts with snow*
(Trent) : *puts down snow*

3:09 Lettucecow

(cody) *starts with the snow*

3:10 Amazing Hijotee

  • Chris: "We want a cheese Pepperoni-pizza now :P "

3:10 Lettucecow

(felix) *starts with the snow*

3:10 Glenn31

(Mal) : *shovels snow*

3:10 Amazing Hijotee (lindasy) Umn... this snow is sooo wet 3:10 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : Where did we get the snow tho anyways?

3:10 Lettucecow

(vin) this is stupid *shovling snow*

3:10 Amazing Hijotee

(lindsay) Umn... this snow is sooo wet

3:10 TrueCobalion

(Skye) : I dunno but *placing snow*

3:10 Amazing Hijotee

  • Chris: "It's December, there is snow everywhere

3:10 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : This stuff is frezing

freezing* 3:11 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : Oh. *placing snow*

3:11 Glenn31

(Mal) : And, this is Muskoka

3:11 BoysCanLikeItToo

(brianna) : *puts on gloves* Time to work I guess.

3:11 Lettucecow

(felix) I don't do good on the cold...*shivering while placing snoe*

3:11 TrueCobalion

(Skye) : *shovels snow*

3:11 Amazing Hijotee

  • Chris: "Okay as soon are you are done then lie down on your Pepperoni-pizza and hold hands :P "

3:11 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : WHAT?! NO WAY!

3:11 Lettucecow

(felix) U-u-u-um what?

3:11 Amazing Hijotee

(vin) Yay!

3:11 Glenn31

(Mal) : *lies down*

3:12 Lettucecow

(vin) thats stupid

3:12 Amazing Hijotee

(vin) Glenn, can I be next to you :P

3:12 Lettucecow Amazing 3:12 Glenn31

(Glenn) : *lies down far from Vin and Josh*

3:12 BoysCanLikeItToo

(brianna) : *lies down*

3:12 Lettucecow really stop making vin gay its annoying 3:12 Amazing Hijotee

  • Chris: "Okay then Codies win!"

3:12 TrueCobalion

(Skye) : *goes down on Pepperoni-pizza and holds hands with Trent*

3:12 BoysCanLikeItToo

(bianca) : *lies down far away from bianca*



3:12 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : *holds hands with Skye*

3:12 Amazing Hijotee Sorry I mean Codies I will fix it late

  • Chris: "Congratulations Codies"

3:12 The Villainous Vulture

(Antonio) : *Lies down away from Bianca on porpose*

3:12 TrueCobalion

(Skye) : Yea

3:12 Lettucecow

(cody) Whoo!!!
(vin) hooray..

3:13 Amazing Hijotee

  • Chris: "Team Cody is the winner!"

Heroic Hippos has joined the chat. 3:13 Lettucecow

(felix) Yay! *still shivering* Burr..

3:13 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : Yay

3:13 Amazing Hijotee

  • Chris: "Okay then, Mikes are the losers now"
  • Chris: "Okay Mikes... VOTE"

3:14 TrueCobalion

(Fang) : Ummm

3:14 Glenn31

(Mal) : Fang?

3:14 Amazing Hijotee Magic MikesEdit Brianna Coco Fang (debuts) Henry Lindsay (debuts) Mal (debuts) Molly Scott (debuts) 3:14 TrueCobalion

(Fang) : Coco?

3:14 BoysCanLikeItToo

(brianna) : Molly, she didn't even help..

3:14 Glenn31

(Mal) : Fang!

3:14 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : FANG!

3:14 TrueCobalion

(Fang) : COCO

3:14 Amazing Hijotee

  • Chris: "As soon as I get 8 votes then I will eliminate someone"

3:14 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : *Glares and mumbles* Since we can't get Toni

3:14 TrueCobalion

(Lindsay) : Coco!

3:15 Amazing Hijotee

  • Chris: "Henry you voting?"

3:15 TrueCobalion

(Henry) : Uhhh

3:15 Amazing Hijotee

  • Chris: "Molly, you voting?"

3:15 TrueCobalion

(Henry) : coco
(Molly) : Fang

3:15 Lettucecow brb 3:15 Amazing Hijotee

  • Chris: "Okay then, Coco and Fang are SAFE! :D "
  • Chris: "PSYCH"

3:16 TrueCobalion

(Lindsay) : Phewww

3:16 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : Ugh

3:16 Amazing Hijotee

  • Chris: "I said vote, not vote the loser"

3:16 TrueCobalion

(Lindsay) : I mean NO!! 

3:16 Glenn31

(Mal) : So, who are we voting for?

3:16 Amazing Hijotee

  • Chris: "Okay Codies, call a letter!"

3:16 TrueCobalion

(Lindsay) : M

3:16 BoysCanLikeItToo

(brianna) : M.

bianca* 3:16 TrueCobalion

(Coco) : .... M?

3:16 Glenn31

(Mal) : D:

3:16 Amazing Hijotee

(vin) M

3:17 The Villainous Vulture

(Antonio) : M.

3:17 Glenn31

(Mal) : Seriously?

3:17 TrueCobalion

(Fang) : M

3:17 Amazing Hijotee

  • Chris: "Okay M it is!"

3:17 The Villainous Vulture

(Antonio) : *Conf* So long Mal.

3:17 Glenn31

(Mal) : Molly Molly Molly!

3:17 Amazing Hijotee

  • Chris: "Mal and Molly are now LOW"
  • Chris: "Now..."
  • Chris: "EVERYONE vote!"

3:17 TrueCobalion

(Fang) : Mallory
(Skye) : Mal.

3:17 Lettucecow back 3:17 Glenn31

(Mal) : MOLLY!!!

3:17 TrueCobalion

(Trent) : Mal!

3:17 Lettucecow

(cody) mal

3:17 Amazing Hijotee vote Mal peeps 3:17 TrueCobalion

(Coco) : MAL!

3:17 BoysCanLikeItToo

(bianca) : Mal.

3:17 Lettucecow

(felix) mal

3:17 Amazing Hijotee

(lindsay) Mal

3:17 Glenn31

(Mal) : UGH! FINE!

3:17 BoysCanLikeItToo

(brianna) : Molly.

3:17 Lettucecow

(vin) mal

3:17 TrueCobalion

(Henry) : Mal

3:17 The Villainous Vulture

(Antonio) : Mal. 

(Scott0: MOLLY! 3:18 Amazing Hijotee

(glenn) Bye Mal

3:18 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) :*

3:18 Glenn31

(Mal) : *gets up* This show is stupid anyway!

3:18 Amazing Hijotee

  • Chris: "Okay then Mal is OUT"

3:18 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : *Sigh* See ya dude

3:18 TrueCobalion

(skye) : Bye Mal :P

3:18 Glenn31

(Mal) : Before I go, I have one thing to say

3:18 The Villainous Vulture

(Antonio) : Yes? 

3:18 Glenn31


3:18 The Villainous Vulture

(Antonio) : I AM NOT!

3:18 Glenn31

(Mal) : He hurt Scott!

3:18 Amazing Hijotee


3:18 Lettucecow

(vin) huh?

3:18 The Villainous Vulture

(Scott) : *Screams and runs away*


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