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Hijotee is infamously known for his fan-made animated movie based on Total Drama Island. Many people have criticized Hijotee's movie by saying it is too weird despite the animation being almost spot-on to the real show.

The fan film was first uploaded on YouTube in 2009 and gained many views, but mostly negative feedback. Despite this, the film did get enough attention for many Total Drama fans to know who Hijotee is and has even gained an article on TVtropes.


The movie still features contestants paired into teams and also has Chris hosting just like the series it is based on, but unlike the real series the movie does not takes place in an island, even though it retains the same summer camp theme. Challenges are performed on every episode where five teams compete for a chance to win fame and money. As soon as a team wins three challenges, they are declared the winner and are given the grand prize. However, no one wins their third point until everyone wins twice, giving Chris the ability to run the maximum amount of challenges allowed in the game.


Part Video Length Status
1 18:43 Main video online
2 19:36 Main video online
3 19:45 Main video online
4 Uploading soon
5 Offline
6 Offline
7 Offline
8 In production




Hijotee first started uploading segments of the movie as production went along with the first part being uploaded in 2008 receiving several negative feedback. Many random parts of the film were then uploaded by Hijotee until the movie was eventually completed in 2009. Hijotee however never uploaded the entire movie in order, with most parts receiving different titles. Sadly Hijotee's original YouTube channel was taken down so the movie was no longer online. It was not until 4 years later when another user uploaded the entire movie, but with commentary. Hijotee then re-uploaded the original first part also in 2013, but this time an extended version of the original. The movie was then split into 8 parts, with 7 of them already being uploaded with commentary, and the first part already re-uploaded by Hijotee. Soon Hijotee decided in 2016 that he will re-upload the entire 8 parts without commentary by uploading one episode as soon as the previous episode gains enough feedback. So far 3 parts have been uploaded with the 4th part coming soon. In the summer of 2016, the commentary was taken down by the user, so the movie will only be uploaded by Hijotee himself.

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