Hijotee is best known for his YouTube channel that contains many series and videos consisting of various topics. He currently has over 1,700 subscribers and has uploaded 727 videos with over 1.4 million total views as of December 2017.


On November 19, 2011, Hijotee started his own YouTube channel and has uploaded 640 videos in the 4 and a half years that he has been active until on June 10, 2016 when Hijotee reached 1,000,000 total views from all his videos. Hijotee celebrated 5 years of his channel on November 18, 2016. Recently as of late 2016 to early 2017, Hijotee has been investing greatly on improving his series formats and production quality.

Video SeriesEdit

There are many series that Hijotee has in his channel. The most notable series are his annual theme park gaming videos where he creates one new theme park in RollerCoaster Tycoon (2011–2016) and later Planet Coaster (2016–present) each year and posts update videos or construction process videos and then final cinematic videos when complete. Hijotee also has some Minecraft series where he builds huge projects.

All of the 727 videos he has uploaded are listed below and organized in groups by series. To a see a full of list all his videos, then click here.

Theme ParksEdit

Main article: Hijotee's Theme Park Gaming Series

Main SeriesEdit

These are the main topics for most of Hijotee's videos, with each article consisting of all the videos for that series and how they relate with each other in order to achieve an overall format for each series.

Other ParksEdit


Main article: Hijotee's Minecraft Gaming Series

Main SeriesEdit

Other VideosEdit

Video ProductivityEdit

Hijotee's main gaming videos originally started in low quality 480p format but in 2013 he moved to better HD formats and recently started commentary on his gaming series in 2015. Most videos are short, but are all a part of an overall series that consists of multiple videos, all related onto one topic. Gaming videos however may reach a length of over 15 minutes depending on the amount of content required to be shown. He usually edits his videos on weekdays and uploads them on Fridays for main videos and on weekends for other random videos. As of late 2016, Hijotee is now starting to record gaming videos in 1440p and all other videos in 4K. He installed a new graphics card in 2017 so gaming quality has now drastically improved. Hijotee plans to buy better video editing software in the future in order to increase the quality of production.


As of December 10, 2017:

  • Hijotee has uploaded a total of 727 videos
  • He has a total of 1,798 subscribers
  • He has a total of 1.46 million views

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