Dawn and Cody


In Total Drama Island, she does not like Cody as much. She is jealous that Cody was on the finals but was satisfied when she received 3rd place prize. Total Drama Action is where their love was blooming. In Alien Inventions, nothing much happened. But in The Sea of Life, Cody asked her if he could kiss her. Dawn was unsure about this. Later on, Dawn was drowning but Cody saved her, allowing him to kiss her with her permission. In Dawn's confessional she states that she loved the kiss. Then Zoey asked her either if Dawn wanted to be with Cody or Duncan. Sierra wanted her to choose Duncan so she could have Cody. Dawn then realized that Duncan didn't like her but he liked Zoey instead. Then Dawn chose Cody because she felt the attachment. Then from that time on, Dawn and Cody were a couple for several episodes until in the episode Downtown Toontown, where she is suddenly eliminated. However, in the episode The Laugh of Cody!, Cody asks Chris if Dawn can come back but Chris says no, but since Cody won the first season, Chris lets Dawn stay as a helper but can no longer compete. Dawn and Cody's relationships then stays strong since Dawn helps Cody get to the Final 3. Dawn then cheers for Cody when he competes in the finals against Mike and Dakota, but is then sad when Cody loses, but still happy that he still got 3rd place. In the season special The Stars & Caves, both Dawn and Cody finally compete together again for a chance to be in Season 3.

Dawn and Cody compete again in Total Drama World Tour and their relationship blossoms again while they compete together around the world for the first 11 episodes. Suddenly, in the episode Indian Island, Gwen starts to like Cody and Chris then forces Cody to be with Gwen for a brief moment, but enough time for Gwen to play Cody to kiss her. Dawn then sees and she gets upset because she didn't know that Cody was playing Gwen just so Chris can be happy. Their relationship then doesn't start to go so well until Cody is then eliminated in Russian Revenge. Dawn is then left alone for many episodes and starts to miss him. Cody however then returns in Niagara Newbies and Dawn is very happy. Cody then makes up with Dawn and they stay together before Chris switches the teams in Filipino Flock, making it very hard for their relationship to continue now that they are in separate teams. Cody then finally is able to talk with Dawn alone in Amsterdam is Awesome where Cody apologizes with Dawn for what he did with Gwen and Dawn finally believes that it was not his fault. The teams then merge and Cody and Dawn are finally back together again. Their relationship is now back at full swing way until the semi-finals when Cody is eliminated and gets 4th place. Dawn then goes straight into the finale against Scott, and Cody cheers for her along the way. Cody is then very happy that Dawn wins and Dawn then says that they are both sharing the money together.

In Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, Dawn returns but Cody does not. Dawn is now sad that Cody is not competing and starts to miss him a lot during the first few episodes. Dawn is then eliminated in Haunted Spider Mine but then Chris lets her return in exchange to eliminate someone instead. Dawn decides to eliminate Cameron and then Cody gets mad at Dawn in Codies when he finally returns to the season as host. Dawn, being pleased to finally see Cody again, also feels sad for eliminating Cody's best friend, and is worried that if Cody will ever forgive her. However, in TDRI Aftermath II Cody does forgives Dawn right away saying that their relationship is too important to risk losing, but Cameron is not very happy for what Dawn did. Therefore, after a mini-game, Cameron wins and Chris lets him eliminate Dawn as revenge. Dawn however is very happy for finally getting eliminated and having a chance to spend time with Cody off-screen. Cody agrees that Dawn was never supposed to be in Season 4 alone anyway, especially since Dawn already won last season. Cody goes out with her and he tells her that they are both millionaires anyway and don't need to spend their time in the series, when they can do just what they want together anywhere they want. Therefore, both Dawn and Cody leave and are left happy alone together, but come back in future aftermaths since they have to. Both Dawn and Cody appear for the finale and cheer for Cameron along the way.

In Total Drama All-Stars, both Cody and Dawn return to compete together once again, but this time they are not happy to return since they both already won and see no reason to continue competing, only because they are still under contract and that Chris requires them to compete when he wants them too. Either way, they are happy to be back together and resume their relationship in the series for the first episode only, because Cody suddenly gets eliminated in the that same episode and Dawn gets sad. Chris although lets Cody stay as an intern in the next several episodes and even lets him help with some challenges, especially in Cody's Love Confessional where Cody is used directly as the challenge. In that episode, Cody is forced to be with Gwen and Lindsay for a brief moment. Cody secretly admits that he still likes being with Gwen, but as soon as Dawn walks in, he realizes that his current relationship is no match against any other girl in the show. Cody then tries to help Dawn a lot along the way which causes Dawn to make it past the merge and well into the Final 5. Dawn then gets eliminated in Larry's Luck making Cody kinda sad, but Dawn then says that she was amazed on already making it this far again and that she didn't need to win again. Cody and Dawn then remain happy together throughout the rest of the season and both return to compete in the Season 5 special along with everyone else for a chance to be in Total Drama Boney Island.

In Boney Island though, it's been a while since Cody and Dawn have seen each other, let alone compete together, so both of them have their relationship on a break. Soon after the teams are formed however in Boring Camp at Boney Island, Dawn remembers her time with Cody and begs Chris to put her in Cody's team. Everyone else disagrees but Chris accepts so Dawn happily hugs Cody for the first time in a long time and Cody gets happy. Now that their relationship is back, all seems fine for the rest of the episode until Dawn denies to perform in the challenge so she is voted out and almost eliminated. Thanks to Cody though, she is instantly saved from elimination due to her having 3 idols and Cody being the deciding vote. Now that Dawn gets to stay, this is not received well by the rest of the team as everyone else hates her. Dawn however proves herself worthy in Backwards Boney Island and wins the next challenge for her team. Cody then tells everyone that Dawn is the best competitor in the season and soon everyone starts to like her. The next episode, Beware of Boney Island Dawn gets eaten by a giant bear and Cody is left alone for almost half the episode. This is not before Dawn gets to have some alone-time with Scott, causing Scott to kiss her. Dawn, now trapped inside the bear, soon gets joined by Sierra, as both of them talk about Cody while they wait to be rescued. Cody then gets eaten too and joins them. Dawn, now happy that Cody is back, also accidentally tells her that she kissed Scott, so Cody gets mad. Therefore Cody kisses Sierra as revenge, while Sierra starts to like him.

The next day in Boys Like Boney Island, Sierra is now attracted to Cody, much to Dawn's demise. The day does get worse though as Dawn is locked-up in a closet by Chef so Cody is left alone. Therefore, both Sierra and Gwen take advantage of the opportunity and try to win Cody back while Dawn is away. This causes both Gwen and Sierra to start a relationship with Cody, but only until the next episode when Dawn is finally freed. Cody instantly gets back with Dawn, so Sierra and Gwen are now sad. Cody and Dawn do manage to stay together for the next few episodes despite Gwen continuing her plans to get back with Cody. However, in Big Buffet of Boney Island, that is not an easy feat as Cody 3 attempts to take over their relationship, which almost causes Dawn to get eliminated. Cody eventually manages to stop Cody's evil plan and save Dawn, but that does not stop Cody 3 from loving Dawn as they kissed during the eating challenge. The next day in Beneath Boney Island Cody 3 is eliminated however, but not before attempting to sabotage Dawn's team into making her lose again. After Team 3's elimination, it seems that Cody and Dawn's relationship may be safe, but it turns out that the captain's elimination now causes the rest of his team to hate Dawn and making them take over Cody 3's evil plan. Also, Gwen is finally allowed to sleep with Cody every night by replacing Cody 3, so Dawn is not happy.

In the episode Bouncing off Boney Island, Gwen is now with Cody from the beginning and Dawn begins to complain, but Cody tells Dawn to trust Gwen as he likes her and so should Dawn. Therefore Gwen and Dawn hug and Dawn says that it's okay for Gwen to stay as long as she gets to keep Cody. Later on, Cody is saved by Dawn when he jumps off a cliff. Dawn also helps the rest of her team when they climb and jump. The next episode, Bear is Back at Boney Island Cody continues his relationship with Gwen secretly, and soon he is eaten by the giant bear, so Dawn is now left alone. The rest of the episode now features Dawn being alone most of the time and missing Cody. Scott soon takes advantage of this rare opportunity and tries to cheer Dawn up. This causes Scott and Dawn to get together and by the time Cody gets freed from the bear, Dawn is too distracted with Scott so Gwen grabs him instead. Chris then switches the teams so Gwen now very happy gets with Cody for real now while Dawn stays with Scott. For now on, Cody and Dawn are separated for several episodes and barely even talk to each other anymore. Cody resumes to lead his team while Dawn is now being led by Scott. This goes on well into Scott's Merge & Break until when Cody starts missing Dawn and starts getting mad with Gwen. During the merge, Cody tells Gwen that he is going to win for her, but in secret Cody is really trying to win for Dawn. Cody then wins the mini-game and is placed on Dawn's team again, but also Gwen's. Scott is also placed in their team so Cody is still jealous while Gwen is still happy he gets to stay with Cody.

It isn't until in Dawn Master, the first merged episode, where the tables turn for both relationships. In the beginning, Dawn is still with Scott, while Cody is still with Gwen. This does not last long in the merge, due to Dawn starting to miss Cody while Scott telling her that she deserves to be with Cody more. Dawn agrees so both break-up and Dawn happily goes back to look for Cody. The timing is convenient though as in the same time, Cody also breaks-up with Gwen due to them getting in a fight about Cody being attracted to Mike, so Cody runs off alone while Gwen stays in the forest. Cody and Dawn do manage to find each other shortly thereafter and with both of them missing each other and now single again from their previous relationships, they instantly apologize and hook up again. Therefore, for the first time ever since Cody got eaten by the bear, they now kiss once again and manage to stay together for the rest of the season. This goes on well into the challenge with them loving each other and Cody refusing to be with Gwen again. By the end of the challenge though, Gwen maintains a huge lead and warns Cody that if she wins then Dawn may get eliminated, separating her from Cody. Cody, now worried that he will lose Dawn, does all he can to try to catch up to Gwen but fails as Chris soon denounces the challenge, making Gwen win unexpectedly.

Cody is now sad that Gwen gets to stay and Dawn is worried that she is low. During the intermission, Cody and Dawn then spend their last moments together, or as they think, while Gwen continues to plot her evil plan to take down Dawn. Meanwhile, as Dawn tries to get help from Sierra, Gwen comes in and tackles Cody, making Cody spend more time with her. By the time of the elimination, Dawn is declared low and Gwen is happy. Dawn then gets super mad at Gwen and runs away, shocking everyone else. Gwen now feeling sad changes her mind and switches her vote for Sierra, causing Dawn and Sierra to be tied for 5th place. Chris then declares a tie-breaker but Cody says that they must bring back Dawn first. Cody and his team then go look for Dawn, and once they do, Dawn is relieved and they soon all to back to the elimination ceremony to perform the tie-breaker. Sierra wins the tie-breaker, so Chris then says that Dawn is eliminated, therefore Gwen is now happy while Cody and Scott are sad. Cody then begs Dawn to stay but Dawn says that she can’t and Gwen tells her to leave so they can break-up. Cody then tells Gwen that him and Dawn are not breaking-up, but rather taking another break until the finale. Sierra however, quits the game, taking Dawn’s place as the first merged loser. Chris then lets Sierra go so Dawn is now saved, making Cody happy and Gwen mad.

The next episode, Wonderful Island Gwen is still there so she continues her evil plot to try to make Dawn lose again by her winning the second challenge. Cody and Dawn, happy that they are still together, also get worried that if Gwen wins again, then there will be nothing to save them now from another break-up. Cody then makes a plan with Scott to try to take down Gwen, which they eventually succeed, but at the cost of Cody being low with Gwen. Cody, now worried that if him losing will cause him being separated from Dawn, also says that he rather go instead and let Dawn stay in the game, but Scott says that is not a good idea since Gwen and Dawn alone together in the semi-finals will eventually lead to Dawn’s demise. Cody then agrees so all 3 of them take down Gwen for good now, and Gwen is voted out and declared 4th place. Cody and Dawn, now left alone together in Goth Girl Gone with the help from Scott, now lead into the semi-finals and are again very happy with each other. That doesn’t last long as Chris suddenly brings back Gwen as an intern so she can judge the talent show contest. Gwen, now happy to see Cody again, automatically starts to annoy Dawn, especially during Cody’s turn where he sings about Gwen. Cody still loving Gwen, causes Dawn to take action, so by the time it is Dawn’s turn, she gets rid of Gwen via a magic show by making her "disappear".

Dawn and Cody are once again left alone together, so their only thing left to do is make it to the finale together. Cody says that they will win since they both got the most points, but Dawn is not yet so sure so just to be safe she forces Scott to lose by cheating, without Chris knowing thanks to Blaineley’s stupid manners. Scott then loses and receives 3rd place so Dawn and Cody are now declared as the finalists for the season, making them very happy. This marks the first and only time the couple make it into the finale together. They enjoy the first part by competing against each other while everyone else who was previously eliminated all return to cheer for them, including Gwen. Cody and Dawn then start the challenge, but they spend most of their time kissing each other, annoying Chris, Chef and especially Gwen. Chris then tells Cody to stop kissing Dawn and Dawn to stop helping Cody since this is a competition, not a love drama. They then agree and try to stay apart while competing in the challenge. However, due to an unexpected fight between Chef and Blaineley, Chris then asks Cody and Dawn to fight each other. This finally causes Cody to give up and state that competing against Dawn is not a good idea, and Dawn agrees. Chris then decides to call off the challenge since they won't cooperate, so as soon as Chris almost eliminates both of them for not having a clear winner, Dawn then steps in and quits, so she can get 2nd place and officially let Cody in the ultimate finale.

Chris then allows Dawn to quit so Cody automatically wins the finale and everyone cheers, even Dawn. This doesn't end happy for the couple yet as Cody 3 returns and since he still loves Dawn, Cody 3 then runs down and forces Dawn to be with her. Cody, now mad that Cody 3 is back, tries to stop him but him being alone causes Gwen to get him back. A major relationship mayhem then happens so Cody and Dawn go separate ways for a brief moment. As soon as it ends Cody and Dawn get back together and share plans on what they will do once Cody wins the money. During the second part of the finale, Cody and Dawn are no longer competing, but Alejandro and Evil Cody instead. However, Cody 3 returns and tries to get with Dawn again, but this time Dawn goes along with it and confronts Cody 3 just to get it over with right away. Cody then gets mad at Dawn, but Dawn says that Cody deserves it after all his cheating with Gwen. Cody then allows it so Dawn and Cody 3 then hang out together during the whole finale. Cody then takes advantage of his free time and goes hang out with Zoey, since Zoey already has a crush for him. Zoey and Cody 3 then get happy with their new lovers and both sides hug and kiss while they cheer for Don's finalists. Evil Cody then wins so Cody now has to face him in the ultimate finale.

Finally, the Ultimate Boney Island Showdown is here and Cody and Evil Cody go and fight against each other. This means that Dawn is left alone so she hangs out with Cody 3 instead while Cody competes in the first part of the finale. Cody wins the first part and Dawn then gets happy. Don then hosts the second part and states that he needs helpers, so Dawn volunteers. Dawn goes along and joins Cody as a team against Heather and Evil Cody in a soccer game. Dawn is not a very good goalie though, as she gets scared and ducks when Evil Cody kicks the ball at her, making Cody lose. Cody however, does not get mad at Dawn since he loves her so much, and that this also only makes them tied. The third and final challenge however, involved Dawn hosting, so as soon as she takes over, she asks Cody and Evil Cody to kiss each other. Cody, no longer wanting to cheat on Dawn anymore, refuses, but then Dawn says that Cody wanted to share love with the other Cody long before he met Dawn, and that this was long overdue. Cody then agrees and cheats on Dawn one last time. They then perform the final challenge and Cody wins, making the couple very happy. Chris then declares Cody the winner and Dawn goes get the money for him. The couple now cheer as they are rich and Dawn then goes do some final things to set things right before she and Cody leave the series once in for all, happily ever after...


  • Dawn and Cody was the most notable couple in the series besides Gwen and Cody and Zoey and Scott, since their couple lasted multiple seasons while several other couples were only a one-time gag.
    • They are also the only couple who are still together, besides having the most break-ups in the series
    • Both of them also had the most relationships with other people while they were separated
  • Dawn and Cody both won a season
  • Dapi created the couple.
  • After Season 8, Cody and Dawn both have a total of $7,120,000 of winnings.

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