Crazy Cannonballs

Amy, labeled The Bad Twin is a competitor and the main antagonist of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. She is Samey's twin sister.


Amy is the complete opposite of her twin, Samey. She is backstabbing, conniving and near ruthless. She is on good terms with her sister, but isn't above framing her for all the horrible things she does. Her only goal in Total Drama is to win, nothing more. 

Total Drama: Pahkitew IslandEdit

Amy arrives at the island pretending to be a sweet, nice girl like her sister, Samey. The only person to immediately see through this is Dave, whom Amy immediately starts an alliance with.

She quickly assumes the role of Team Leader of the Crazy Cannonballs, leading them to victory numerous times by cheering them on and giving friendly encouragements.

In Mike's Evil Eliminations, Chris introduces a twist where a third person's name can be called and they will be automatically eliminated, Leonard chooses Amy and she is eliminated, though brought back in the next episode due to an unfair elimination. She abandons her nice-girl disguise but still keeps the trust of her team. She begins to believe that Dave has a crush on her, and eventually gets him to admit his feelings for Amy, and they begin a relationship.

Despite their good terms, Amy begins to spread lies about Sky to eliminate her, which she manages to do.  Amy, Samey and Dave make it to the final 3 and are put against each other in the finale.

Total Drama SpaceEdit

Amy is on the same team as Samey they together are "The cheerleader Twins". Amy starts out being rude and mean most of the time being mean to Courtney who Amy clearly doesn't like. But Amy gets her mouth ducktaped by Samey so she can't talk anymore XD. The Twins got 3rd on the first 2 legs getting off to a good start.

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