Here are the Wiki's variety of fan-fictions that were written by many talented users on this Wiki.

Title Author Date Started Chapters
The Life of a Villain The Villainous Vulture December 21, 2013 3
Total Drama: Wawanakwa's Return TDfan10 December 28, 2013 16
Evil Cody & Joshua Mama Luigi & Evil Mario November 11, 2011 1
Total Drama Battles TrueCobalion January 10, 2014 2

Love a character so much that you just want to share your love with everyone else? Know other people who also love the same character as much as you? Well why not all get together in a club so you can all talk together and share your thoughts in each other of what you all think about that character! This Wiki is the place for all the fan clubs on all the Total Drama characters that you can think about!

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These are the top 3 pictures in the Wiki!

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These are the list of games, that are going on in this Wiki:

Game Run by User Location Start Date Winner
Total Drama: Hurt & Heal Amazing Hijotee Article November 1, 2013 Dawn
Total Drama Platinum Amazing Hijotee Article December 16, 2013 TBA
Total Drama: Hurt and Heal 2 Cody 2015 Article January 27, 2017 Gwen
Total Drama: Hunger Games Glenn31 Chat December 10, 2013 See here
Total Drama Jungle! Amazing Hijotee Chat December 18, 2013 Various
Total Drama Ultimate Amazing Hijotee Chat December 11, 2013 Vin
Total Drama Road Trip Glenn31 Chat January 11, 2014 N/A

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